New Articles: Week of November 26th

Happy end of Movember everyone. Seriously, i'm not even a guy who can grow much facial hair, but I've never felt more in need of a shave. A fair bit to add to the update this week, as in addition to recaps for Parks and Recreation and Arrow, two articles of mine got published over at wegothiscovered, and it was a blast writing both of them. The first was a fun little list about the worst storylines in the best shows. Okay, so including Dexter and The Walking Dead in that list might have been a stretch, but it was oddly fun reminiscing on plotlines that seemed either out of place, or major warning signs for my favorite shows.

On the movie end of things, I saw Skyfall twice and loved it. Rather than write a standard review, I decided to write a little piece about the themes (WHAT?) of the latest James Bond movie. And by "little", I mean, "5000 word thesis". No joke, I've had to turn in final papers in university shorter than this thing, but I have to say, I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.

So check my stuff out, rate, comment, link, all that good stuff.


I Had to Watch Arrow Last Night But It's Okay

I mean, it's okay that I had to watch it last night, the show itself is far from okay, but you can find out the exact distance by reading the review/recap that I posted over at I'll be covering Arrow every Wednesday, so go and check it out if you're interested in my writing, or my suffering for said writing. I'm also pleased to announce that i'll also be covering the far less execrable and far more loveable Parks and Recreation at the same site on Thursday nights. It's a great with tons of coverage on movies, TV and video games, and it updates all the time. That name again is, don't check your local listings, just click on the link.