So this is me.

Sam is one of those '90s kids who knew how to use a computer before he could tie his shoelaces, because Math Blaster was his jam, and Velcro was invented to make knots obsolete. Growing up all over Canada meant that movies, TV, and games made for easy constants, so most of his life's decisions, aspirations, and marketable value are based on an intimate knowledge of The Simpsons, N64, and Back to the Future

He went to Queen's University to become a biologist because The Thing gave him the impression that wildlife research is mostly about getting drunk with Kurt Russell and using flamethrowers (it isn't). He started writing about film and TV back in 2010 because...well, why not? It quickly became the kind of life-affirming pursuit that counting dead fruit flies in a university lab never was, so after graduating in 2012, he boldly struck out into the exciting world of cultural analysis, self-publishing, and raiding payphones for subway fare.

He lives in Toronto, and is making a go of this writer-ing thing as a reviewer, interviewer, and just general commentator on all manner of media. He'll tell you his proudest achievement thus far as a writer is being a part of the great staff at WeGotThisCovered, but really it's that time a Hollywood starlet called his hair perfect (no, it wasn't J-Law). And yes, that profile pic is him dressed as J. Jonah Jameson. Comment on his articles, or follow him on twitter (@S_Woolf), and he might tell you what he thinks of Spider-Man. 








Name: Sam Woolf

Age: Appropriate

Was: Never on American Idol

Does: Still think Lost ended just fine

Favourite Movies: The Third ManKind Hearts and Coronets, Jaws, Star Wars: A New HopeThe Thing (1982), Die HardThe Big Lebowski, Anchorman, Lost in TranslationZodiacHot Fuzz

Favourite TV Shows: The SimpsonsThe WireParty Down, Terriers