New Articles for the Week of April 1st

Seeeeeeee them tumbling dooooooown  

......Oh, hi there.

Things have been a little slow 'round these parts for the last month, due to the new job, the holidays, and inordinate amounts of time being spent looking for the right tumbleweed GIF. I figured if I didn't update soon, the Kentucky Fried Chicken rant might have made that last post look like a suicide note, and that would have made following it up kinda awkward.

Anyway, here's an all too brief catch-up for the month:

-A pair of Arrow reviews, on the 1s and 2s. I'm not really sure what that expression means, but it rhymed, so there. I think it has to do DJ-ing or something. Or maybe traffic and weather reports for a news station. It probably wouldn't be a very good one if the report every ten minutes always required an immediate followup.

-Yo Joe...and everybody else reading this: I reviewed the new G.I. Joe movie, Retaliation, and might be the only critic out there legitimately disappointed by it. There is an art to making a stupid movie enjoyable, something the first G.I. Joe understood, and the sequel did not. And yet, I still think it's probably the best franchise Hasbro has going for it.*

*Sidebar: This was the part where I was going sarcastically snark about being super excited for a Tonka Trucks movie, but then I remembered that, holy shit, there might actually be a Tonka Trucks movie. How are we supposed to make to make jokes about bad movie ideas using comedic hyperbole, when the actual ideas for movies these days are this hyperbolic?*

Aaaaaaand that's it for now. I'd say my plan for the month is to really throw some coal on the TV coverage fire, but science says claiming you'll do something just decreases the likelihood of you actually doing it. So, in the interest of actually being productive this month: I promise nothing. Let's see how that turns out.